Facebook Papers

Erklärungen dazu in der englischsprachigen Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_Facebook_leak

Election 2020 Documents

Papers About the Jan. 6 Capitol Attack

Papers Describing the Election-Related Task Force Monitoring “Complex Financial Organizations”

Papers Describing Election-Related Pages, Posts, Etc.

Internal Election-Related Research

Internal Election-Related Proposals

Internal Election-Related Explainers

Election-Related Platform and Product Updates

Miscellaneous Papers

Ranking Documents

Ranking-Related Explainers

Ranking-Related Platform and Product Updates

Ranking-Related Proposals

Papers Discussing “Demotions” in Feeds

Papers Discussing “Meaningful Social Interactions” (MSI)

Miscellaneous Papers

News Feed Documents

Climate Change Documents

Covid-19 Documents

Teens and Kids Documents

Content Enforcement Docs 

Documents Mapping out Intensity of User Experiences to Certain Violating Content

Content Appeal Rates by Country and Types of Appeals

Strike Thresholds for Various Harmful Content

Research Discussing ‘Soft Actions” to Address Violating Content